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How to Tell if an Extension is Really Brazilian Hair

Women who are looking for high-quality hair pieces will usually purchase brazilian hair extensions. This name is used to describe the most beautiful and luxurious Remy hair extensions, but does not necessarily mean that the hair is actually from Brazil. It is often used to describe any hair that is guaranteed to be untreated, 100 percent human hair with the cuticle still intact. The reason why it is often called Brazilian hair is because the hair that is collected in that country is considered some of the best in the world.

This is why it is important for those who are looking for the most for their money to shop only from brazilian hair suppliers that can guarantee their extensions do actually come just from Brazil as they have advertised. There are ways to know if hair is really from Brazil. It will be soft and smooth, but not so much that it feels silky. Brazilian hair will have a little coarseness to it, but still be shiny. Some samples are straight, but take a curl easily and other extensions will be naturally wavy.

Since the hair extension will be 100 percent natural and will have all come from the same donor, it is normal for the strands to have some variation in their color. Natural hair always has its own highlights and randomness in shades, so this should be expected in virgin Remy hair. The colors can be from black to medium brown. Some lighter brown shades are possible, but darker shades are more typical. If the hair is genuine Remy hair, all of the strands will be less apt to tangle because they will be laid out in the same direction.

Women with naturally coarse hair, even if their hair has been chemically straightened, will be able to incorporate Brazilian hair easier in with their natural strands because it is not as fine as some of the Asian brands of hair. That is why it is important to be careful about what the supplier is sending. Most women want their extensions to look real and be impossible to notice as an extension once it is in place. Genuine Brazilian hair is the brand that will be the most likely to offer that final outcome.